This is a Support system

Every time we help alleviate some of the stress and burden patients carry each day, we fuel hope. It's that hope that can make all the difference in a patient's daily fight against cancer.

Dr. Alison Laidley
For those newly diagnosed with breast cancer, the road to recovery seems daunting and disorienting.

To prepare patients for the challenging journey ahead, medical teams provide comprehensive information, detailed treatment options and clinical insight to help set goals and expectations.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the unexpected emotional struggles and day-to-day burdens weighing on many families, it can often feel overwhelming.

But there's more to the story.

This is
a way to Help those in need

The primary mission of Laidley’s Ladies Foundation is to assist under-funded families in achieving excellent breast cancer care.

Laidley’s Ladies & Gentlemen (LL&G) provides assistance to under-funded, uninsured and indigent populations in North Texas. The program, originally named for the patients of Dr. Alison Laidley, Texas Oncology, fosters a community of support and hope.

Unlike high-profile fundraising organizations that support general research and awareness, Laidley’s Ladies & Gentlemen strives to make an impact in our own community.

By alleviating unnecessary stress and burdens through meaningful assistance, education and support, together, we help patients focus more fully on recovery – offering a fighting chance, so there can be more to their stories.